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News & Events

  • mr. goldy hanumanthgouda visits royale hq in manila

    NO HYPE. Real Business, World Class products, and promising Compensation plan. We do business professionally. No wonder this Indian ENTREPRENEUR and MLM leader Mr. Goldy Hanumanthgouda visits Royale HQ in Manila to meet the young and dynamic President /COO Mr. Juluis Allan Nolasco, showing interest in doing ROYALE. WE are truly unstoppable!!! ROYALIZING INDIA!!! Read More

  • How to be a distributor

    How to be a Distributor

    ONLY ROYALE MADE IT! Royale now operational in this four countries. Another 4 countries before Royale's Anniversary by June. Soon to Open Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Kingdom.   We have our own headquarters. The first who made it in our country. Indeed we expand globally! Be part of us! 8 countries this 2014. Royale, the only Filipino Multi-national company to have its own Building and have acquired our own ...Read More

  • Product videos

      L GLUTA POWER CAPSULE from beautyandwellnessroyale on Vimeo.   Royale PERFORMAX from ROYALE on Vimeo.   SPIRULINA from beautyandwellnessroyale on Vimeo.   FIBERICH from ROYALE on Vimeo.   Royale C from royale_yves on Vimeo.   Royale Grapeseed from royale_yves on Vimeo.   DIABETWATCH from beautyandwellnessroyale on Vimeo.   CHOCO ALL 8 from ROYALE on ...Read More

  • Why i choose royale?

    It's time for you to start owning your time. Dream big dreams and make it Happen with Royale! Join Us! +639228728887 Read More

  • Branch updates

    Branch Updates

    Royale Updates: From Philippines to the World we Royalize! Soon to Open Abu Dhabi and United Kingdom. Read More


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    Evaristo Diwas (56, Accountant)

    "In 1996 I had a heart attack (Acute Myocardial Infraction). Another attack in 1998 left me feeling so weak, I was forced to retire early. Since then, my life revolved around maintenance drugs and a constant fear of another attack. January 2008, Royale Grapeseed and Royale-C were introduced to me. I started taking it reluctantly. In a few months’ time, however, I noticed I felt stronger than usual; the palpitation of my heart was gone. Gradually, I stopped taking my maintenance drugs and am now enjoying a normal life. I do brisk walking and light work out daily. At the same time, I am practicing my profession again.

    All of these are because of the grace of God through Royale Wellness Products."

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    Mary Magdalen D. Bangsara (17 Years Old)

    "I suffered from Insomnia for many months. No matter how I tried to sleep early, my mind remained awake and active till the wee hours of the morning. Visits from the doctors were useless because they could not recommend sleeping pills since I was only 17 years old. When I started taking Royale C, everything changed. I easily get to sleep at night and I wake up every morning, feeling well rested and recharged. I am so thankful I have known Royale C."

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    Epey Agco (Epey Agco)

    "I liked Royale Blend Roasted Corn Beverage because it tastes good and is caffeine free. But I did not expect that it will help me lose weight as well. I used to weight 66 kg, now I am proud to say that I have lost 5 kilos even without trying."