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News & Events

  • mr. goldy hanumanthgouda visits royale hq in manila

    NO HYPE. Real Business, World Class products, and promising Compensation plan. We do business professionally. No wonder this Indian ENTREPRENEUR and MLM leader Mr. Goldy Hanumanthgouda visits Royale HQ in Manila to meet the young and dynamic President /COO Mr. Juluis Allan Nolasco, showing interest in doing ROYALE. WE are truly unstoppable!!! ROYALIZING INDIA!!!
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  • How to be a distributor

    How to be a Distributor

    ONLY ROYALE MADE IT! Royale now operational in this four countries. Another 4 countries before Royale's Anniversary by June. Soon to Open Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Kingdom.   We have our own headquarters. The first who made it in our country. Indeed we expand globally! Be part of us! 8 countries this 2014. Royale, the only Filipino Multi-national company to have its own Building and have acquired our own ...
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  • Product videos

      L GLUTA POWER CAPSULE from beautyandwellnessroyale on Vimeo.   Royale PERFORMAX from ROYALE on Vimeo.   SPIRULINA from beautyandwellnessroyale on Vimeo.   FIBERICH from ROYALE on Vimeo.   Royale C from royale_yves on Vimeo.   Royale Grapeseed from royale_yves on Vimeo.   DIABETWATCH from beautyandwellnessroyale on Vimeo.   CHOCO ALL 8 from ROYALE on ...
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  • Why i choose royale?

    It's time for you to start owning your time. Dream big dreams and make it Happen with Royale! Join Us! +639228728887
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  • Branch updates

    Branch Updates

    Royale Updates: From Philippines to the World we Royalize! Soon to Open Abu Dhabi and United Kingdom.
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    Marie Anne Baydo (42, Insurance Underwriter)

    "Since I gave birth to my youngest son, I had struggled with migraine and dysmenorrhea. The pains were unbearable I resorted to pain killers at high dosages. Although the medicines helped, it scared me because I knew it will have negative effect later. I looked for alternative medicine. A friend strongly advised Royale Grapeseed. I took 2 capsules a day, and true enough, within a month, the migraine and dysmenorrhea vanished into thin air. Now, I am the one strongly recommending Royale Grapeseed. I know it works!"

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    Ivyn C. Malabanan (31, Chef)

    "I suffered from a skin condition named Psoriasis for 11 years. During this time, I went to countless doctors to find a cure or ease the symptoms of the disease. I spent a lot of money; I also had to bear the shame of having such an unsightly complexion, causing a strain in my social life. I had been told, time and again, that it was an incurable disease; but I did not lose hope.

    I started taking Royale Grapeseed and L-Gluta Power 700 capsule and after two months, my skin gradually improved; it became smoother and whiter. No more bouts of skin flare ups. After a while, the psoriasis was gone.

    I am now starting a new life. I feel like a new person. Thanks to Royale!"

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    Lolita O. Atanacio (54 Years Old)

    "For many years, I was taking a maintenance drug for my hypertension. When I joined Royale, i stopped the medication and started taking Royale Grapeseed instead. I am relieved that despite my stressful and busy lifestyle, I am able to maintain a normal blood pressure. I was forbidden to drink coffee, but i am taking Royale Blend 8 in 1 coffee and it is giving me positive results. At night before I sleep, I am using royale Anti- aging soap and the effects are great! I am glad I met Royale."